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Brie's Senior Reflections

Senior Brie Tree's is off to explore the world during her summer travels, before settling into her first semester at UNC-Asheville (my alma-mater!)

Brie has taken piano lessons for three years, and her wide musical tastes have lead us to exploring everything from Motown and classic rock to Erykah Badhu.

Brie and I even created our own duet arrangement of "View From the Canoe" by Wendy Stevens. We recorded a video and sent it to Wendy! The composer was so pleased with the performance that she responded to Brie, offering her praises and encouragement.

It's been a joy teaching Brie and watching her grow as a musician. We wish her all the best in her newest endeavors. Below are Brie's reflections from her time taking lessons at our studio:

Something I will remember is that the things that look the hardest on paper are usually the easiest to play. The more ink on the page, the better.

My favorite memory from piano lessons is with every lesson we would finish each others sentences. That was so funny because of how similar our minds would think.

Advice I would give to young piano players is to just have fun. If it's not fun, take a break and start back later, that's what I did and I enjoyed it a lot more.

I am proud of how easily I can pick out piano in music that I listen to every day. After playing it's easy to hear and I can recognize the sound better which makes it more enjoyable.


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