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Asheville-based contemporary musician Gabrielle Tee has a passion for creating and teaching music. She started piano lessons at age 6 and began composing original songs at age 10. Her musical palette expanded as she studied violin, guitar, and percussion. While her peers were playing dress-up, she was playing ‘piano teacher,’ and would recruit any willing family member and friends to be her students.

She officially began teaching piano lessons through her church at age 16, ran her own independent music studio for 5 years in Kansas City, and has taught in Asheville, North Carolina since 2010. She typically sees 30 students a week, ages 7 to 70, all with unique interests and goals.

Her positive teaching approach and community engagement has been recognized by local residents, having twice received Mountain Xpress' "Music Teacher of the Year" Award. In 2021 she joined the faculty at Hanger Hall, as the music instructor for 6th - 8th grades. She also serves as an adjunct music professor at UNCA.


As a songwriter, she has recorded several albums, including two full-length solo projects, Try Me and Find My Way. Most recently, she works as a silent film composer and accompanist for the Silent Sundays film series. A life-long learner, Gabrielle holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music, and has additional training from The Royal Academy of Music and Frances Clark Center for Piano Pedagogy. 

Whether composing for her film, planning music history units, or teaching piano students their newest favorite song on the radio; collaboration and genuine self-expression are the driving forces behind all of her musical endeavors. 

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