“You taught me not only how to play, but to love music. I also learned to go for my dreams, do what I love, and be myself” - Grace, age 13

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Piano     Guitar     Jazz      Music History    Composition/Songwriting    Music Theory   

As an instructor, my ultimate goal is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for all students. Learning an instrument is both exciting and challenging, and I strive to break down the learning process into manageable steps to give students a sense of accomplishment each week.  

I work with each individual student to understand their unique interests, needs, and goals. I empower students by helping them set meaningful goals and celebrate all milestones with great joy- be it a performance in a talent show, or the first song they’ve memorized. 


While I am open to all styles of music, I especially enjoy teaching pop and jazz. I hold a Bachelor and a Masters Degree  in Jazz Piano, and find the harmonies and improvisation of jazz to be challenging and engaging. The genre opens the door to a deeper understanding of melody, harmony, and rhythm.


My West Asheville studio is open to students of all ages, but I specialize in working with teenagers. By helping them select music that is motivating and expressive, their confidence blossoms. I aspire to be a trusted mentor and adult in their lives during a time of transition and self-discovery. Through our lessons, students can gain autonomy, confidence, discipline, self-expression, and a life-long love of music. Additionally, there are many opportunities for my students to collaborate in duets and small ensembles. Ensembles give students a strong sense of responsibility, as their peers rely on them to learn their parts. Through these ensembles, many of my high school students have made lifelong friendships.  

My ultimate goal is that each student will leave lessons inspired to practice, and be given the tools to truly enjoy creating music.

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