Gabrielle is genuinely one of the greatest teachers, of any kind, I have ever had. She makes sure that her students not only understand how to play the right notes, but why those notes are even the ones being played through explaining the music theory behind them. She holds her students accountable for their practicing and never ceases to believe in them. I never thought that I would ever play a classical piece on piano in front of an audience. Gabrielle helped me to prepare not one, but two pieces, and encouraged me to share them with others which I succeeded in. I have never met someone who loves music as much as Gabrielle does, and her eagerness to share that with her students is unwavering.

-Abigail Earley, 18, current student

Gabrielle is the best music teacher I’ve ever experienced. She knows how to meet her students (both adult and child) where they are and help them with growth breakthroughs. I am learning weekly, while my daughter is too, and the connection is special when we can play together or for each other. Gabrielle makes the possibilities realities and has a real gift for compassionate teaching. I strongly recommend Gabrielle for any adult who wants to get started or pick up an old instrument, and kids who want to learn with a fun interactive teacher.

-Derek Hoffman, parent & adult student


My 11 year old daughter has been working with Gabrielle for the past year on piano and voice and it has been truly amazing. Gabrielle is not only incredibly proficient (and encouraging that same technical proficiency in our daughter) but her kindness, enthusiasm and empathy have created a passion and love for the piano far beyond what we could have imagined. I simply cannot recommend her more highly and am astounded every day by how she's inspired my daughter to turn self-critique into self-compassion. If research shows just how important a mentor can be in a child's life, Gabrielle proves this without a shadow of a doubt.

-Richard Aab